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At Racingwithbruno, we donít just like to play the races, it is what we do. Every product we offer our clients was initially developed to give us an advantage at the window. When your bills and your employees depend on that little extra something in the sauce, you stay ahead of the curve.

Winning is one part of the game, but getting prices is what makes a horseplayer successful longterm. You canít reliably and consistently find prices by relying solely on mainstream information. You might get lucky sometimes, but itís damn hard to pay the bills that way.

Iíve learned that you can lead good people to good information, but you canít make them use it and Iíll say it as simply as I can: Trust the information. Put your ego aside and trust the information. If you think you know better, either donít subscribe to our service ó or when we tell you a horse is doing well and you choose to ignore that information, do it at your own peril.

Published workouts are obviously a commonly used handicapping tool and there are myriad ways the public can access the date, distance, time, and where the time of a particular work falls in relation to others at that distance on that day. For those who want more information, the Racingwithbruno team shakes the bushes at dawn to provide clients with independent, qualitative observations of those works.

Not all tracks and training centers grant access to independent workout analysts,however, and it is not possible to have qualified analysts at every track. Because I want that extra edge on the information I use to play, I began looking for ways to go deeper than time, date, and distance.

How to get that extra something about workouts at tracks where Racingwithbrunoís boots arenít on the ground? After months of trial and error, I developed a system for ranking workouts and tested it at the windows with my own hard-earned money. During this ďBruno Beta TestĒ, I retrofitted my plays and analysis and honed the system, continuing to refine the formula until it became a product I felt confident using myself.

In the beginning, I constructed the rankings by hand. It was time consuming and tedious and so we developed an algorithm that made it a product I could offer clients, and that allowed the rankings to be produced for any track across the country.

Our rankings rate works on a scale of horses relative to others in their peer group. We donít just look at time, we look at maidens versus maidens and maidens working with maidens versus maidens working with more esteemed company. Iím not going to give our system away, but the rankings reliably indicate how a horse has been working in relation to its company at a particular facility.

I think we forget the basics and horses that are doing well run well. I donít care how much a horse blew up the track last out, if that horse isnít training well, they arenít going to run well today. Someone once boiled it down like this: ďBruno, if they work good they run good.Ē He was a smart man, just not a very articulate one.

Listen to the information. This isnít a hobby for us and I donít put my name on anything I donít use myself.

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