Today's Blog~ August 2, 2017

Today's Blog ~ August 2, 2017
Today's Blog ~ August 2, 2017
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Greetings from Saratoga Springs,

The first ten days of the meet have come and gone with a lot of surprises. Shippers dominating early and Graded Stakes top horses biting the dust. 

This is my sixth full year at Saratoga, and I can tell you this is a bit different. 

I am sure you have heard they added materials to the track, and it seems to have its detractors, but there is a few other reasons we have had some uncertainties. 

Every SPA meet so far I have been part of, Chad Brown and Todd Pletcher have horses ready to run the first week of the meet. This year has been a bit different. Chad didn't debut a baby until this past weekend and Todd blew two odds on first time starters the first weekend. That's a rarity, but why?

Two years ago on the fourth of July weekend we got sneak peek at Frosted for Darley on the main track. Last year the main track opened up even earlier, and one morning we had 17 different gate sets. This year it was quiet. The main track was deep and trainers were a bit cautious to go and set down their young horses. Then, the Belmont contingency didn't show up until almost opening day, ten days ago. 

As much as Oklahoma training track is a great facility, its not the main track, and horses can only get so fit, especially this year where it was deeper and sandier. The perfect storm. A deeper, new sandier track and a later start. 

Add rain, a few days of it, and the track, with this new clay and sand content, has struggled some. As of late, jocks have been reporting its two types of tracks: Dry on top, wet underneath, a track that's not really aspiring to have your horses work hard over. In fact, the first couple of days, I found myself writing how horses were in maintenance mode and some all the way out to the middle of the track. 

Then came last weekend where two break downs inside the stretch run shook everyone up. Do I blame the track? No. Anytime at the start of the meet, horses with pre-existing conditions are vulnerable over a new surface. It just adds to the dribble. 

All of the above leads to a confusing few days, however, working on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday cards of this week, horses from morning works on the main and Oklahoma and from the training track turf course are starting to pop up looking fit and ready.

Del Mar was also in the same boat as the first works over the Del Mar surface took place the Saturday before, five days before the start of the meet. 

The first few of any meet, I label 'chaos cards' (some of you saw it at Del Mar too), new surface, new surroundings, mass hysteria. Anywhere I have clocked and handicapped those are the days to watch and not thrown down with both hands (I need to heed my own words).

Unfortunately, can't teach old dogs new tricks, and players love to open the billfold nice and wide early. They are not alone.

We are NOW getting into the zone I feel comfortable, we got horses getting fitter, and are accustomed to this track, and that's where we shine. I can see it after we had over 2380 horses work here over a 10 day period of July 15 and July 30.

This is a different Saratoga this month and you may see a horse that ran on opening week, off the layoff or first time out, that will improve dramatically second time over the surface, in fact, I'll be betting on it!

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