Bruno WiththeWorks THE Book ~ soon

Bruno WiththeWorks The Book ~ Coming soon
Bruno WiththeWorks The Book

Bruno De Julio, author of the 2005 Bruno on Workouts: Exposing the Mystery, is helping handicappers and horseplayers once again. In partnership with, De Julio, Racingwithbruno will be releasing Bruno WiththeWorks in April of 2017 with 12.5 % of the book sales donated to Old Friends Retired Racehorses Retirement home.

Industry leaders, and handicappers expressed great enthusiasm over the 2005 Bruno on Workouts:
Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown winning trainer, Bob Baffert said this about Bruno on Workouts in 2005: “In the sport of Horse racing, the only way to survive is to outlast your competition. You can't do that if you're not good at what you do. Bruno has proven throughout the years he is very good at what he does. I have always trusted his judgement and ability.”

“I never really saw horses until I saw them through Bruno's eyes. For understanding how a throroughbred ran and will run, he has true vision.” Mark Cramer -- author of Kinky Handicapping.

Horseplayers like AL K.,the backbone of the industry, found Bruno on Workouts extremely helpful in 2015: " I just want to send a thanks to you on your work Bruno On Workouts and the impact that it has had on me. I read your book last fall and have re-read it twice since then. Your book has allowed me to look at races and workouts a little differently and I am spending more time handicapping the races I do play. Win or lose, I am playing with more confidence, standing by the decisions I make, trying to learn from my bets, and I am not playing scared. Thanks for helping me find the fun in the game again!, Al."

Bruno on Workouts has stood the test of time but in eleven years some things have changed. Its time for a bigger, better Bruno WiththeWorks:
The NEW version of Bruno WiththeWorks will feature Brisnet past performance data covering Clocking, types of works, in depth analysis of why workouts are one of the most important handicapping factors , and much much more. The book will be in print and e-book format for all Kindle, Tablets, and smart phones. Release date is TBD.

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